Circle at the Summit 


Circle at thSummit Quest leads groups of young people and families and various adventures and out- door trips throughout the year to promote healthy communica- tion and the discovery of inner strength. All trips are lead by a certified outdoor professional and take place in a positive and supportive environment. Adventures include rock climb- ing, rappelling, canoeing, white -water rafting, backpacking, and mountain biking, as well as participation in the local Tiger Flight program. 


Education and Outreach


Summit Quest aims to inspire hope in children and families primarily through the Voices Over Cancer Initiative, an an- nual publication that highlights stories of those who have been affected by cancer and how they have risen above their circumstances. New stories can also be found in the Voices Over Cancer section on the Summit Quest website.  


The Circle at the Summit program is a youth-based support group for children ages 6-17. Meetings involve an interactive program and projects that promote self-expression and emotional support, as well as a safe space to ask questions. Support is also provided to children and families who are unable to attend meetings. One way is through the weekly pro- grams Summit Quest provides to children at Boys & Girls Club sites in Rome/Floyd county.