Since 2007, Summit Quest has been dedicated to providing support services and meeting the needs of those affected by cancer.  We believe everything that we accomplish develops and inspires one of our three key pillars of strength, hope, and service.  Below are detailed descriptions of the programs and services that we offer.


"Circle at the Summit"

A youth focus support group for children ages 6-17 who are facing cancer directly or who have a parent or loved one affected by the disease.  Meetings involve an interactive program and art projects that promote self-expression and emotional support, as well as a safe space to ask questions.  Support is also provided to children and families who are unable to attend the meetings through the distribution and follow up with educational and support resources. 


"Outdoor Adventure Trips"

We enjoy leading groups of young people and families on various outdoor adventure trips that are designed to allow participants to work together and share an experience that highlights the strength held inside each of us. All trips are led by a certified outdoor professional and take place in a positive and supportive environment. Adventures include: Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canoeing, Paddle Boarding, White Water Rafting, Backpacking, and Camping.


"Team Tiger Flight"

Partnering with our friends at the Tiger Flight Foundation, Summit Quest offers families facing cancer the opportunity to spend a day leaving their worries behind. Families meet at local Richard B. Russell airport where they spend the day enjoying free flights around Rome. Each flight offers participants the feeling of freedom and a chance to feel in control of their direction in life. 

Why We Love Summit Quest

"We have somebody to talk to us about our feelings."   - Gage  (10)

"You guys really care about us kids that have been through a lot of things with family members that have died and I feel like I should thank you for really caring about us."  -TK  (10)

"Getting to be around people that have been through the same stuff that I have been through."    -Justyce  (11)

"Having the chance to express my feelings to someone that understands." Cydnee (11)